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Stamp Buddies

Depending on your choice, ArtFoamies stamps can be purchased with or without a StampBuddy.

StampBuddies allows colors to be mixed and blended for an exciting range of creative effects. Both stamps and StampBuddies are washable for easy cleanup, allowing them to be used again and again and make the perfect accessory to your existing art supplies.

A StampBuddy is a "blank" foam " stamp pad" without color. It can be used multiple times if you take good care of it. StampBuddies ensures even distribution of paint and makes for more clean, crisp prints. StampBuddies can hold more than one color, and different makes of acrylic paints or inks.

Care and Storage
Rinse ArtFoamies and StampBuddies with water, and if necessary some dish washing liquid before it dries. Don't store underneath other heavier craft supplies, as this might damage your ArtFoamies or StampBuddies.