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Soul sisters By Wendy Aspinall

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Soul sisters By Wendy Aspinall

WELCOME BACK! I'm Wendy Aspinall of Bliss Angels Studio here to share with you my latest project using ArtFoamies I love the Good hair Art Foamie. It makes the production of a lifelike figure so much easier to do. Yes, you can print it as is and color it in but you can push the Art Foamie a little more to produce a stunning image.
Supplies for today's project include:
  • Kae Pea | Good Hair Day | Foam Stamp
  • White pre gesso canvas 20x10
  • Clear watercolor grounds
  • Brown water soluble crayon
  • White fine tip Posca paint pen
  • Brown Stabilo pencil
  • Watercolor paints
  • Brush marker Pro pens
  • Paper towel
My canvas was pre-gesso and pre-painted with clear watercolor grounds and left overnight to dry.
Spray the ArtFoamie stamp with a fine mist of water and rub the area of the face and body with a brown water soluble crayon.

Stamp on the canvas. I stamped several figures. Let dry completely.

I added all the different hair styles and detail with burnt sienna watercolor. This color makes for a beautiful skin tone that you can layer to add more depth.
Don’t be afraid to add more color and water to let the color blend into each other. If you don’t like it , use a Thirsty Brush or a paper towel to take it away.

Also I decided I didn't like the black pattern on the necks and tops of dresses so I used isopropyl alcohol on a baby wipe to take it away.

Add lots of watercolor layers with drying time in between.
I used a white fine tipped Posca paint pen and brown Stabilo pencil to define the eyes and outline.

When it’s completely dry , paint the sides of canvas with black acrylic. Spray a coat of Varnish to protect.
Hope you enjoyed today's project! 

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