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Art Foamies — 1 year anniversary

Happy MOONiversary to ArtFoamies!! - with Kae Pea

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Happy MOONiversary to ArtFoamies!! - with Kae Pea

HI EVERYONE! It's me, Kae Pea. I am so overjoyed to be here blogging today. It is a very special day in my MOONiverse! As many of you know, I started my journey with RubberMoon nine years ago. (Time sure does fly!) I still love (and use daily), my old fashioned, hand made, red rubber stamps and I always will! But, one year ago, I purchased ArtFoamies™Foam Stamps and a new passion for, these modern, mixed-media stamps emerged! I am so creatively smitten with ArtFoamies and all of the amazing ways you can create with them. It was exactly one...

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