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Happy MOONiversary to ArtFoamies!! - with Kae Pea

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It's me, Kae Pea. I am so overjoyed to be here blogging today.
It is a very special day in my MOONiverse!
As many of you know, I started my journey with RubberMoon nine years ago. (Time sure does fly!) I still love (and use daily), my old fashioned, hand made, red rubber stamps and I always will! But, one year ago, I purchased ArtFoamies™Foam Stamps and a new passion for, these modern, mixed-media stamps emerged! I am so creatively smitten with ArtFoamies and all of the amazing ways you can create with them. It was exactly one year ago today, that we launched our new website.
I am here today because I am so grateful and happy to be sharing this journey with all of you! So much serendipity, good luck and positive perseverance have helped me to continue to achieve my dreams and goals. When I look back on this year, I sometimes cannot believe how it all happened and how the timing of everything worked out. We were able to get our equipment and everything in place just THREE DAYS before everything shut down in our state due to the covid19 pandemic. We, fortunately, were able to continue running our business with a few minor hiccups throughout 2020 and we are still here and growing. 
This is all because of YOU! I thank you from the bottom of my heART for your friendship, patronage and support. Whether you are a patron, purchase RubberMoon rubber stamps, ArtFoamies foam stamps and supplies or just a follower who shares the love of makeys, I appreciate you so much.
To celebrate our special day I will offer a special demo tonight 4-20-21 on the ArtFoamies Facebook page at 6:00 PM CST! I hope to see you there.
<3 kae pea

PS. Here is a little overview in photos of a YEAR OF ArtFoamies!

old header
new header

lots of ArtFoamies!

new packaging!
ArtFoamies Fun Friday and our 1st Freebie!
From ArtFoamie Fun Friday May 2020

one of the FIRST AFFFridays!

ArtFoamie Fun Friday May 2020

ArtFoamie Fun Friday!

AFFFriday July 2020

AFFF with Patti Parrish's Launch!

AFFF July 2020

AFF August 2020

ArtFoamie Fun Friday with a Julie Balzer ArtFoamie

AFFF with Marta Harvey's ArtFoamie!

Freebie on ArtFoamie Fun  Friday! 

ArtFoamie Fun Friday with Sandra Evertson's AF's

ArtFoamies FUN with Red Tin Roof!

AFFF August introducing Jone Hallmark 

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Sept 2020

ArtFoamies Fun with Kae Pea

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Sept. 2020

ArtFoamies Fun Mindy Lacefield launch Oct 2020

ArtFoamies Fun Friday introducing Gina Ahrens

ArtFoamies Fun Friday with RubberMoon too!

ArtFoamie Fun Friday! 

AFFF introducing Gale Nation!

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Christmas project

ArtFoamies Fun Friday introducing custom program

AFFF with creative concentrics! November 2020

AFFF Nov. 2020

ArtFoamies Fun Friday with Kae Pea

ArtFoamies Fun Friday featuring Einat Kessler images

ArtFoamies Fun Friday new Cats and Dogs sets

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Sampler Rubbermoon stamps

AFFF with Cat Kerr new ArtFoamies

AFFF Feb 2021 Marylinn Kelly Launch

ArtFoamies Fun Friday project with Kae Pea

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Donna Downey Launch!

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Faces!

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Feb 27 2021

ArtFoamies Fun Friday Florals!

ArtFoamies Fun Friday with Sarah Matthews!

ArtFoamiesFun Friday March 2021

ArtFoamies Fun Friday re-release of Emmie's ArtFoamies!

ArtFoamies Fun with a couple of Julie Balzer's new ArtFoamies!

ArtFoamies Fun Friday with kp's abc's April 2021

The past year has been an artistic dream come true and one that continues to inspire and delight me. I am honored to share it with you.

I love you to the Moon and Back,
Kae Pea <3

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