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The ArtFoamies Blue Moonie Pop-Up

A Note from Kae Pea:

This Pop-Up has been in the works for quite some time. It is very dear to my heART because each of these artists are my Patrons, and I have been working with many of them (some for over a year) on how to design an ArtFoamies stamp! What started as a "fun perk" for the Blue Moon Tier, turned into a way to showcase and encourage an entire 'team' of talented, creative and enthusiastic mixed media artists to have their own show! Not only is it so amazing to see the body of work created, but such an honor for me to introduce to everyone the people who have been with me on this journey and supported me and have helped ArtFoamies to grow and thrive! This is a wonderful opportunity for me to give back something from my heART. I hope YOU will also support your friends and this fine group by purchasing your favorite designs. This Pop-Up will run from May 10 through May 31, 2024 only and after that all the designs will be gone from our website.

Thank you so much to our Patrons who have made this possible, and to all of our customers for your continued support of our little family business. We make fun, but you make it FUNNER!

Are you interested in designing ArtFoamies to be included in a future Moonie Pop-Up? Here's how: In order to be eligible for this program in 2025, you must be signed up for the Blue Moon Tier of Kae Pea’s Patreon by January 2025 and stay in that tier for at least 3 consecutive months. After that time, you may unsubscribe or drop to a lower tier if desired and still be able to participate. 

Thank you to the following Blue Moon Patrons for their contributions to this fantastic pop-up and for all of your support! We love you to the moon and back!

  • Lisa Rene Aguilera
  • Wendy Aspinall
  • Anita Autore
  • Heather Baley
  • Estrella Bianchi
  • Edie Evans- Bisbee
  • TamB
  • Jan Bryant
  • Patti Libby Campbell
  • Bernadette Consilio
  • Char DeRouin
  • Christina Fidanza
  • Dana & Jack Fulton
  • Amy Gerulat
  • Kathrine M.
  • Patti Hodder
  • Karen Jensen
  • Bev Gwinn Jones
  • Marylinn Kelly
  • Jenny Maroney
  • Patty McFarlane
  • Linda Phinney
  • Puffer
  • Cindy Sharp
  • Janis Sigmund
  • Jim Smith
  • Ginger Sparks
  • Sheri Weistaner