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Beach Themed Art Journal Page by Ayala Art

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Beach Themed Art Journal Page by Ayala Art

 HELLO FRIENDS! I am super happy creating a Beach theme Art Journal Page. This alphabet is made by Julie Balzer Designs, and with this Artfoamies you can pretty much print or stamp anything! Come and see what I created here:

Step 1: Select a canvas or Mixed Media page and add Gesso.


Step 2: Stamp the letters to make a message you like



Step 3: Make any more texture if needed and let it dry.



Step 4: Cover everything in a light color, in this case beige



Step 5: Paint the letters in a contrasting color



Step 6: Add cut out details, in this case I made elements that goes with a sandy beach, because it is summer, but you can create any season!



To see the video click in this link: https://youtu.be/K_titO-41h4


Hope you enjoyed today's project! 

Ayala Art

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