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Stampdala T-Shirt

100 moons creative team 100 proof press patti campbell stampdala

Stampdala T-shirt
Hi Everyone!
Patti Campbell here with my second blog post as a member of The 100 Moons Team.  I'm going to share with you how I made this Stampdala t-shirt with ArtFoamies, Stamp Buddys and Jacquard textile paints.

For this project I used 
1 plain white v-neck t-shirt (washed & dried)
ArtFoamies Stamps
Jacquard textile paints 
1 small round brush
2 Stamp Buddys
1 large piece of cardboard to go inside the t-shirt
a pencil
a compass

1. First I placed the cardboard inside the t-shirt. This will keep the paint from bleeding through to the back of the shirt.
2. Next I drew circles with the pencil and compass very lightly. This is not necessary I just like to have a guide for my circles.  These light pencil lines will wash out easily.

3. Then I loaded up a Stamp Buddy with my paint in a circular rainbow. I placed a good sized circle of 106 true red in the center, I placed a bit of 101 yellow over the edge of the red to
create orange, then the yellow by itself, then 116 apple green, 111 sky blue, and 110 violet as shown in the picture below.
4.  Using the Candy Love ArtFoamie and the rainbow paint filled stamp buddy,
I stamped the center of my design.

5. At this point I wasn't sure where I was going with my design but knew I wanted to use the Lavender stamp around the largest circle. 
I used my small paint brush and painted the leaves green and the flowers purple directly on the stamp.
6. Using this technique, I stamped the outer circle with the lavender stamp.

7. After stamping the lavender there were some gaps between the images. 
I used my paint brush to hand paint some leaves and flowers in the gaps to create the look I desired.
8. Next I chose two stamps from the Microcosms set, a floral-ish one and the small striped one. Then using the same rainbow inked Stamp Buddy I stamped the floral stamp four times, at the north, south, east an west points.  
9. Again using the rainbow inked Stamp Buddy I used the smaller striped stamp between the floral images.

10. I added the small leaf from the Dandelions set between the Microcosms and the lavender. For the leaves I used a second Stamp Buddy loaded with 116 apple green and 114 turquoise side by side. This created a nice two tone leaf.

11. Wanting to add one more image to my stampdala, I chose the dandelion blossom from the Dandelion set and used the rainbow inked Stamp Buddy again.
I stamped this around the outside.

12.  I allowed the paint to dry and then proudly wore my new t-shirt!!

Thanks for joining me!
Love and Laughter,

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