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Altered Pumpkin Tutorial

Hi ArtFoamie Fans….Lynne Forsythe here. In Northern NH fall is in the Air, the trees are beautiful, the temperatures have cooled and it’s time to pull out the sweaters and sweatshirts! I just LOVE all the colors of Fall.
Every year, I like to decorate a faux pumpkin and this year is no different.
I pulled out a plastic pumpkin outta my stash, an old pattern a few jars of Perfect Paints and a few ArtFoamies Stamps….
 Leaf Vine ~ Balzer Designs 
Polka Dot ~ Balzer Design
I laid out one of the pattern pieces, brayered on a bit of Perfect Paints ~ Cajun Pumpkin onto the ArtFoamies Polka Dot and randomly stamped onto the patter.
 I repeated that process with the ArtFoamies Leaf Vine.
I painted the pumpkin white and when dry, I tore the pattern into strips and collaged them onto my pumpkin using Multi Medium ~ Matte.
When my collaged pumpkin was dry, I dry brushed on a bit of Perfect Paints ~ White Gesso. ​
Using Perfect Paints ~ Aged Copper I painted the stem on the pumpkin.
But my pumpkin looked naked. First, decided to create a different stem using burlap. I then decided to make a flower, so I found some of the leftover stamped pattern and cut out a circle.
Next, I cut the circle into a spiral.
Finally, I rolled the paper and adhered together with Multi Medium ~ Matte.
But every flower needs leaves! So, I pulled out some of the leftover leaves and added them behind the spiral flower.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my 2019 Pumpkin!

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