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ArtFoamies Grand Re-Launch!

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Hi everyone, Maxi Moon here, Kae Pea's daughter and right hand woman! 

We are so very excited because today is the day we've been planning for months - the grand re-launch of ArtFoamies website. This process has been slower than expected, thanks to software issues, the learning curve involved in taking over a totally new (to us) company, and of course a global pandemic in the middle of everything certainly didn't help, ha! 

But thanks to you, our customers and friends, we are finally here and we could not be happier. Here at The Moon and the Maker (the parent company of both ArtFoamies and RubberMoon), above all else, we love making (or as Kae Pea calls it, 'getting makey'!). And we think stamps are one of the most fun and simple ways for everyone to get makey, no matter their skill level. Everyone can stamp!! We are just beyond thrilled to be able to continue to provide you with the best stamps in the industry, both rubber AND foam! 

With that being said, please enjoy the shiny new ArtFoamies website, and welcome the 3 newest ArtFoamies designers - Kae Pea, Jessica Sporn, and Gina Hubbard (Gypsy Soul). 

If you have been an ArtFoamies customer previously, please keep in mind that the full catalog of images is not available quite yet, but we will continue to add more images from each of our designers every day, and we have brand new collections in the works as well, so check back often! 

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts! We love you all to the Moon and back. 

Maxi Moon and the whole ArtFoamies Family

PS - Please make sure to sign up for the ArtFoamies Newsletter on the Home page of our website (bottom right of screen). Thank you!  


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  • Bonnie Mercure on

    I love the updated website!!!

  • MPitts on

    Oh no! I’m devasted that the animals are not on board. I’ve been waiting so long to pick up a bunch of those. The buffalo, the ladybugs, some of the fun birds. Every section I just checked is so limited. I had no idea that Art Foamies was going away for the most part or I would have blown out a credit card. This kind of breaks my heart.

  • Janna L Rice on

    Go get ’em folks! Use these for your creativity. Love these designs and their flexibility for use in different size and media art work. A piece or ALL of the stamp. They look so FUN!

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