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Bird Girls - Metal Embossing & Stamps

Hi Everyone,
I am Elitia Hart, metal art instructor and mixed media explorer, and this is my first post for the 100 Moons Creative Collaboration blog. I almost always use some form of metal sheet in my projects and am so excited for the opportunity to incorporate Artfoamies, 100 Proof Press Rubber Stamps and Rubbermoon stamps into my work.
When I first saw the images of 100 Proof Press stamps used to create these two small mixed media and metal tiles it reminded me of a poem by Christy Ann Martine :
" You can't keep her in a cage, 
clip her wings, tell her lies
say that fragile birds 
were never meant to fly.
Watch her live behind a rusted door, latched tight, 
her spirit slipping away so you can keep her in sight
Beautiful creatures cannot be confined.
Her wings will grow, 
she'll find the sky. " 
Supplies :
Stamps from 100 Proof Press : 
Stamp from Artfoamies :
Stencil from Rubbermoon :
2 x Small Square grey Ceramic Tiles 4 inch
Liquitex Basics Gesso White
Rustoleum Clear Satin Spray Lacquer 
Stazon Solvent Ink Pad Jet Black
Stazon Solvent Ink Pad Black Cherry
Tim Holtz Ranger Adirondak Alcohol Ink Red Pepper
Tim Holtz Adirondak Alcohol Ink Cloudy Blue
Permapaque Dual Black Marker
Dreamweaver Stencils Metallic Silver Embossing Paste
Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic CS11215
3D Foam Squares (Scrapbook Adhesives) 
Scorpal Sook Wang Double Sided Adhesive Tape Sheet+
Acrylic Block , scissors
Lead free Pewter Sheet 36 gauge or Aluminum 40 g
Aluminum Foil Adhesive Tape 
Craft Foam sheet and hard smooth surface 
Teflon Tip Embossing tool or pencil 
Blending Stump/Paper Pen  
Small piece of Mat board or cardboard 

Instructions : 

Please use these notes along with the video as I got a little frazzled during filming and might not have addressed the order of business as well as I could have : ) 

The Tiles : 

I painted two grey ceramic tiles with white gesso and stamped the wet paint with the
Gypsy Soul Fragmented Rings Foam Stamp . Once the gesso was dry I added droplets of alcohol inks in the design circles and allowed it to "bleed". 
Once the ink was dry I sealed the tiles with Rustoleum Satin Spray lacquer to create a better bond on the tile*****(this is an important step) 
I then stamped the corner using Stazon Black Cherry and spiral stamp from the SWplate55 Three Birds Plate 55 
I used the Rubbermoon Kae Pea Doily Stencil ATC Size with Dreamweaver Stencils Metallic Silver Embossing Paste to surround the spiral. Once the embossing paste is dry you could apply another coat of satin Rustoleum Lacquer. 
I cut strips of Aluminum foil adhesive tape and attached it to the edges of the tiles burnishing it well to adhere. I used a texture wheel on the foil to add some engravings and then applied black ink with the Permapaque marker, wiping away the excess ink while wet. 
The Metal Embossing : 
I stamped the 3 images on lead free pewter sheet (you can use aluminum 40 gauge too) with Black Stazon Ink. The images were placed on a thin foam craft mat and I went over all the primary design lines using a teflon tip tool. The metal was flipped over and on the back relined just on the inside of the primary line created from the front. I used a paper stump (blending stump) to push out the inside of the design and then placed it face up on the hard surface flattening the background. The concave areas on the back were then filled with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and left to dry overnight. 
Once dry, I applied Sook Wang double sided adhesive tape sheet to the back of the metal pieces and used scissors to cut out the girl and egg. The Bird girl was attached to mat board and the edges folded over.
 All the metal pieces were a sprayed with Rustoleum Clear Satin Lacquer prior to adding the colored alcohol inks. 
Once the ink was dried I used foam dots to attach the rectangular piece to the tile adding some height. The small girl was attached to the tile by removing the backing tape of the Sook Wang tape and the egg with a foam dot. 
Spray the completed tiles again. 
Hope you had fun watching and learning- I certainly enjoyed the process!
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For more on metal embossing see
You can find me on Facebook Elitia Hart Metal Art 
Instagram : metalartchick
You Tube Channel : Elitia Hart 

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