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DIY Postcards - Muses 1, 2, and 3

Hello Everyone, I am Heron from Malaysia, I am the big.boi.journal Instagram owner https://www.instagram.com/big.boi.journal/. Truth to be told this is my first blog post ever. Truly pumped!! to be in this 100 Moon Collaboration!
This was an inspiration from Nick Bantock (Author of best selling Griffin & Sabine) http://www.nickbantock.com/
Check it out.
Here my "MUSE" Edition DIY Postcard.
I try to create different approach on each postcard with different personality which Brave (MUSE 1), Bright (MUSE 2) and Blush (MUSE 3). Hope you guys will be amuse by my creation. Here are some detail of how I do it. Not as detail as possible.... I think.. but I'll try...

I am using 100 mm equation washi as a base, stamp it with 100 proof press stamp and rubber moon stamp, layered with ephemera tag, stickers and 15 mm washi. Finished it with vintage postal stamp and my own Heron personalize wax seal. 
Supplies :
100 Proof Press I 6188 Steel Square Key Stamp
100mm White Equation Washi, 15mm Alphabet Washi, 15mm Number Washi
Ephemera Tag, Stickers, Vintage Postal Stamps
Personalize Wax Stamp
Ink Pad I Tsukineko Delicata Shimmer Bronze Shimmer and Black Shimmer
Rubber Moon I Sandra Evertson I SE6034F I Oculus Stamp
Finishing I Sandra Evertson | SEFM02 | Frida Muse Stamp with Dave Brethauer | DB4253B - Wrapped Up Heart Stamp


For Muse 2, I try to simplify my approach which I try to highlight the beauty of Art Foamies Stamp. I am using Monteverde Blue Caribbean Ink to create smudge effect as a background. I layered with Art Foamies Cat Kerr Postage Stamp with white shimmer Delicata ink and 100 Proof Press Largest Fountain Pen with Bronze Delicata ink. The main stamp was apply to Red Tin Roof Typewriter Alphabet Stamp. Beauty sticker is a compliment to the (WHY) meaning why beauty? or why so beauty? reflect to my finishing Rubber Moon Frida Muse Stamp on the teared Velum Paper and my Personalize wax stamp.
Supplies :
Fountain Pen Ink I Monteverde Caribbean Blue
100 Proof Press I 4089 Fountain Pen, Largest
Rubber Moon I Sandra Evertson | SEFM02 | Frida Muse
Art Foamies I Red Tin Roof | Typewriter Alphabet
Personalize Wax Stamp
Ink Pad I Tsukineko Delicata Shimmer Bronze Shimmer, White shimmer and Black Shimmer

I try to incorporate pastel color in this postcard to make and cool and simple effect on my postcard. I using ink as a base for my Rubber Moon Oculus Stamp then I layered it with a newspaper cutting and some random stamp on it. I put 100 Proof Ugly Fish stamp with Delicata silver shimmer and Art Foamies Ring Fling to give Halo effect to my old man sticker. For finishing I put a vintage stamp with postal stamp washi along with my personalize wax stamp and some simple sticker. Finally I put a red ink on Shock Shack Tiny Peg Stamp. That stamp is so cute btw.
Supplies :
Ink I Akkerman Sbre Brown 
100 Proof Press I 5918 Ugly Fish 
Rubber Moon I Sandra Evertson | SEFM02 | Frida Muse and Sandra Evertson | SE6034F - 
Art Foamies I Balzer Designs | Ring Fling 
Personalize Wax Stamp
Shock Shack I Tiny Peg Stamp
Ink Pad I Tsukineko Delicata Shimmer Bronze Shimmer, Silver shimmer 
There you go my first Blog. I would like to apologize for not able to provide step by step video on how I do this DIY postcard. Generally, I try to avoid filming my DIY process as it will diluting my concentration. Anyhow, with respect to this blog format, I will try to do it on my next blog. Until next time. See you when I see you.
Heron (Malaysia)
100 Proof Press : https://100proofpress.com/
Tsukineko Delicata : http://www.tsukineko.co.jp/ 
STICKER, EPHEMERAS https://writer.my/ 

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  • PUFF on

    I love these. They are fun to look at and there is so much to look at and hidden images.
    Keep on going everything is great!!!!

  • Patti Campbell on

    What a magical and indpiring project. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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