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Hi it is Hazel. I am really excited to do my first blog post on here! I love crafting and am thankful that Kae Pea let me onto the 100 Moon Collaborationūüėä! This art idea was in my head until now. It was really fun to create with all three companies!
    My tools:
      Step one:
Take your heart ArtFoamie and stamp it with Milky Way Magenta on printer paper or scrap paper.
   Step Two:
Cut out the center of the heart for a mask.
  Step Three:
Stamp the heart ArtFoamie onto the sticky paper and put the mask on it.
Step Four:
Stamp the Brownie in the middle of the heart with the deep space blue Moonlight Duo.
  Step Five:
Take the mask off and stamp the Embrace Your Imperfections on the sticky paper with the Martian Green moonlight duo.
  Step Six:
Cut out the art on the sticky paper.
   Step Seven:
Using the lunar lilac, planetary purple, and bright sky Moonlight duos, color up your gel press.
  Step Eight:
Stamp the honeycomb onto it with no color.
  Step Nine:
Pat then peel your paper onto the Gel Press
  Step Ten:
Peel the Heart off the back of the sticky paper and stick it on your art.
    Step Eleven:
Peel the back off of the Embrace Your Imperfections stamp and stick it above the heart.
Thank you for reading!

For those of you who like fast videos!

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