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Colorful Tutorial & Techniques by @AyalaArt

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Awesome Art Foamies Stamps! Colorful Tutorial & Techniques by @AyalaArt


HI EVERYONEThis is Martha Ayala of Ayala Art and I am this week's guest artist for ArtFoamies! I love totally creating art with stamps! I was invited by the ArtFoamies to create a project with some of their designs and the ArtFoamies are simply wonderful! 


The stamps I'm using in this art video are from Sandra Evertson and from Gina Ahrens. The steps are easy and I enjoyed every single part of the art process. I worked on a large journal page but it can definitely be done on a canvas. 

Stamps used for today's project include:

Click here to watch the free video https://youtu.be/ubHPLjKWQMM
First step, Gesso the surface and paint a background with your favorite colors, I selected sky blue.

I made a template of the silhouette I wanted to use for a mask to avoid stamping in some areas.

With the botanical design I stamped in the background with different colors to give the background depth and interest.

The heart ArtFoamie was stamped on a colorful paper to collage it separately.


With a tissue paper, or deli paper, you can create a new design pattern paper to add as well in your composition.


Click here to watch the free video = https://youtu.be/ubHPLjKWQMM

Finished project!

The details of the face will be posted next! If you want me to see your work, tag me in instagram @AyalaArt

Have fun stamping!


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