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Lazy Susan Altar Table by Patti Campbell

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Lazy Susan Altar Table

 Lazy Susan Altar Table




Hello again, Patti, here to share how I made this altar table using recycled materials. Let's get into it!


The materials I used are:


  • an old 13x13 tabletop
  • a lazy susan mechanism (the part that spins) I used an old one I had laying around
  • a #5 round brush
  • a #8 filbert brush
  • ArtFoamies Woman Power by Einat Kessler set of 2
  • ArtFoamies Japanese Tiles Flower in Octagon by Lisa Walton
  • ArtFoamies Patreon Exclusive Figure It Out by Kae Pea
  • Windsor Newton Titanium White acrylic paint
  • Daler Rowney FW. Pearlescents in Moon Violet, Hot Mama Red, Galactic Blue, and Waterfall Green
  • Golden fluid acrylic in Iridescent Gold
  • Krylon UV protective acrylic sealer
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • protractor
  • dotting tool
  • sandpaper
Step 1:


I sanded the top of the table, and wiped it off with a damp paper towel to get the dust off.

Step 2:

Using the ruler I found the center of the table top and then used the protractor to draw the circles for my mandala. 



Step 3:

I used a piece of painter's tape to shorten the Figure It Out stamp to better fit the mandala. Using my filbert brush I painted the Figure It Out stamp with white acrylic paint. Then I stamped it placing it at North, South, East, and West on the lines I had drawn. Then I immediately washed the paint off my stamp. This is very important to do as soon as you are done stamping!



Step 4:

Again painting the stamps with my brush and white acrylic paint, I stamped the two Woman Power stamps in between the Figure It Out stamps, alternating the two designs. And then I painted the innermost center circle with white acrylic paint.



Step 5:

I then stamped the Flower in Octagon stamp in white acrylic paint in between the figures heads around the whole circle.



Step 6:

I allowed the white acrylic paint to dry completely before moving on.

Step 7:

Next, using the pearlescent paints, I painted the Figure It Out figures purple and left a slight white outline around them. On the Woman Power stamps I painted the hearts and X's red, and the figures blue and green. 

Step 8:

Using the dotting tool I made a circle of dots between the figures and added X's and O's in the Figure It Out figures. 



Step 9:

I painted the centers of the Flower in Octagon images gold, the petals I painted pink by mixing the Hot Mama Red and white acrylic, and painted the octagon green.



Step 10:


Using the same pink from the petals I painted the innermost center circle.

Step 11:

Using the wrong end of the paint brush, I painted the dots in the center circle using blue, purple, and green.



 Step 12:

Again using the end of the brush I dotted around the outermost circle in purple and pink.




Step 13:

Once the all the paint was completely dry I sealed the tabletop using the Krylon sealer.

Step 14:

Once completely dry, I attached the lazy susan mechanism to the tabletop with a screw, and voila!



This project combined my love of stamping and painting with my love of making old things new again.

The table top was from an old table with broken legs. The lazy susan mechanism was from a spinning pencil holder. Yes, you could easily make it from new things but the table top is where my inspiration sparked. Bonus - these things will not be going into a landfill somewhere.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Have a great week. 

Love and Laughter,



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