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Tiles, Tassels, and Tuffets by Jenn White

Tiles, Tassels & Tuffets by Jenn White

Hello EVERYONE! Did you see my January blog post where I made the bright large rainbow hearts with  ArtFoamies StampBuddy pads with the Moon & The Maker MoonGlo & Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue ink refills?
I used those same custom inked StampBuddies to create these tiles, tassels & tuffets.

These were really fun & fast to create! I started by getting out a large pad of 140 pound watercolor paper. I chose ArtFoamies to use based on how Kae Pea's Tassels ArtFoamies would look attached to them. They are so fun & delightful! I was imagining piles of comfy, colorful patterned Bohemian pillows "tuffets."

These are the ArtFoamies I chose:
Here are several of the stamped images.

After I finished stamping them all I cut out the tassels & tiles by hand with scissors. This went surprisingly fast & was very therapeutic.

The stamped mirror image symmetry combined with the brightly colored inks is so pleasing to my eyes!

I auditioned each of the tassels with each of the tiles to see which ones looked best with each style & color pattern.

You can use them for book covers, in journal spreads, pockets, folders, greeting cards, scrapbooking wall decor, table decor, coasters, banners, party decorations and so much more. Imagine them stamped on fabrics! I imagine them embellished with glitter, sparkling gems & tiny reflective mirror tiles! OOOH! AAAH!

With your creativity & these ArtFoamies there is no limit to the beauty you can achieve! They are sure to bring a peaceful smile to the faces that gaze upon them.

Please post & share on social media what you are inspired to create after seeing this blog post. Be sure to tag me Jenn White @jenns_joys & @ArtFoamies in your post so we can see it & share it so others can be inspired by wonderful you.

Thank you for your time, your kindness & your love. I hope to see you here again soon!

Jenn White

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