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Springtime Bunny Fun! by Jenn White

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Springtime Bunny Fun By Jenn White

HI EVERYONE! I invite you to join me in creating some simple, fast & fun Springtime creations with ArtFoamies foam art stamps. 

I have been busy inking, stamping & working my scissors getting gifts of Springtime cheer ready to mail & send out to my friends & family members. ArtFoamies foam stamps make it so fast & easy to stamp mass quantities of identical gifts.

I am known for my mass assembly line crafting, creating & fun bits of business. I am very seldom a one & done person! I am compelled to create lots of parts & pieces to share with everyone! YAY! The more happy mail I send out the merrier everyone will be! Right? We all need some joy in our lives. Who does not love opening their mailbox to find a happy joyful surprise in there? Let's put all of the art supplies we have collected & accumulated to good use. SHALL WE?
I love creating custom inked ArtFoamies StampBuddies & ScrapBuddies with The Moon & The Maker Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Re-inkers & MoonGlo re-inkers. This is how I create the colorful ombre & rainbow stamping effects with my ArtFoamies. I also love to use the Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Ink pads if I want solid color stamping.

This creation began as I was playing with Marta Harvey's BUNNY WITH SWEATER TESSELLATION  ArtFoamies foam stamp. This was my first time using it. I think it is adorable! This bunny is also available without a sweater if you wish. Marta's tessellation ArtFoamies are so fun & fascinating to play with! I have a ball with them! Have you tried them? They fit together like puzzle pieces in many different directional patterns. I chose to stamp these in a spiral dance pattern onto 140 pound hot press watercolor paper.

Here I chose to color in the sweater patterns with a black gel pen. I was inspired to use my pens by my friend Nancy Sheads' incredible art. Have you seen her pen & alcohol marker stamp art? Did you see her last post? I am still GASPING at the GORGEOUSNESS! I discovered I need a lot more practice & perhaps a steadier hand. I tried & I will try again. Practice, practice, practice! We all start out as beginners, the important thing is we try & try again. Practice is the only way to improve.
I think this Bunny dance would be great as a spring flag, banner or a matted print framed on the wall. I thought about stamping or hand lettering "Let's Go To The Hop", "Hop To It" or "Don't Forget To Dance" on it. "Springtime" perhaps? I have not decided yet. I might just leave it as it is. What would you write on yours?
When I was fussy cutting some of  the bunnies, an idea HOPPED into my head. Why not create some darling whimsical spring baskets, tags & door hangers with these? SO FUN & ADOORABLE! 
I had Sandra Evertson's CUPULA  ArtFoamie sitting in front of me on the table. I thought to myself, that sure would make a perfect basket handle! So I inked it up with my custom inked StampBuddies & stamped a few sheets of them. YAY! It did! It worked! It made the perfect basket handle!
Kae Pea's PINWHEEL ArtFoamie was at my left hand so I stamped a few sheets of the pinwheels on 140 pound hot press watercolor paper using 2 of my different custom inked StampBuddy foam stamp pads. One was inked with MoonGlo Neon Brights & one was inked with the beautiful Moonlight Duo colors. 

Which color scheme is your favorite? You can ink up the StampBuddies & ScrapBuddies with the re-inker colors that are most pleasing to your eyes. I intend to make several more varieties & variations in the future. SO MUCH FASCINATING FUN!
To make the basket I decided to clip a few wedge sections out of the stamped PINWHEEL image with the scissors because it looked a lot like a purse or a locker padlock. Ooh! EVEN MORE inspiring ideas for future creations.
To make the basket handle, I short stamped the CUPULA ArtFoamie on the "B" side & fussy cut the middle piece out & followed the scallops around the edges with the scissors.
You will find there are many different ArtFoamies stamp designs that are two, three, even 4 different design options in one single stamp when you use their front, back, upside down or right side up. I even sometimes use just pieces & parts of some ArtFoamies designs. My imagination visions constantly show me & inspire me to try new & different things with my Art Foamies foam stamps.
My hot glue gun was hot & ready so I decided to attach the handle to the basket with hot glue. If you are not a hot glue person feel free to use use whatever paper adhesive you like best or have on hand.

The BUNNY WITH SWEATER is a perfect fit for the basket I created so I hot glued it to the out side of the basket. The thing I love about hot glue on paper is if you make a mistake or need to reposition something, all you need do is heat the paper with your heat tool & it will easily melt the hot glue & release the paper so you can move or remove it.

These baskets I made turned out to be the perfect size for hanging on door knobs or hooks. Great for cheerful springtime decor. You could also use them on greeting cards or as gift tags. I am using some to label my Grandkids' Spring Solstice & Easter baskets with their names. Put a pretty ribbon bow on it. Punch a hole & add some string. Add some bling! There you go! You did it! YAY!
Did you learn anything new? I hope I have inspired you to create now too!  Please share photos of your creations after seeing this blog post with ArtFoamies & tag me in the post so we can all be inspired by you too.
Thank you for spending some of your time here with me. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to make use of the comments section below. I will respond to you as soon as I am able to.
Enjoy the glorious Springtime coming soon March 20th!  I will be back here again in April to share some more ArtFoamies FUN with wonderful beautiful you! 
My next post will be full of Gnomes, mushrooms, butterflies & flowers. Get these ArtFoamies ordered now if you want to play along with me in April. You will find them all & more at artfoamies.com
Thank you to my friend Nancy Sheads for putting up with me &  making this blog post possible. She has some magic technology & art skills!
Thank you to Kae Pea & the Powers family for making my artsy life so full of moon magic!
Jenn White

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