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Stampdala Tote Bag

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Hi Everyone! 
I'm Patti Campbell here to do my first ever blog post for the 100 Moons Creative Team. I love creating Stampdalas! It's one of my favorite things to do with rubber stamps.
I wanted to share with you how I made this Stampdala tote bag.
For this project I used the following materials:
*imagine large canvas tote bag purchased at Michael's
*Jacquard Textile paint in 101 yellow, 106 true red, 116 apple green, 111 sky blue, 110 violet, 
and 123 white purchased from ArtFoamies
*number 2 round brush
*unknown sun rubber stamp
*kp5315D rosa stamp from RubberMoon
*MM7164A simple leaf stamp from RubberMoon
*MM166A teeny clover stamp from RubberMoon
*3034 stylized leaf stamp from 100 Proof Press
*2827 small sprig with leaves from 100 Proof Press
blue water soluble marking pencil
First I used the compass and blue water soluble pencil to draw some circles on my bag. This is not necessary but is helps me to have nice circles and for this project I wanted that.
I started by stamping the sun in the center of my circles and the worked my way to the outside stamp by stamp.

I line my stamps up along the lines of the circle as I go along. The lines are faint so they will come off easily when I'm done painting. Hard to see them in the photos, I know.
Then I began to fill in the designs with the textile paints. I like them a bit opaque so I water them down. much like using water color you will need to move around a bit, letting colors dry before you paint beside them. I mixed the red and yellow to make orange and the violet with white to make lavender.
Here is my finished bag.
  Please feel free to share your creations using #rubbermoon #100proofpress #artfoamies #100moonscollab on your social media. We will be so happy to see what you make with Rubbermoon,  100 Proof Press, and  Artfoamies products.

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