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Blooming Ideas Denim Jacket by Patti Campbell

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Blooming Ideas

🎕💜Blooming Ideas Denim Jacket💜🎕



Hello again, Patti here to share my hand painted denim jacket.

For this project I used: 


Step 1:
To begin this project I stamped my images onto newsprint and cut them out so I could play with the design and placement on the jacket.
Step 2:
Once I had finalized my design placement, I took a picture and printed the picture out so I could remember where I had placed the images.
Step 3:
I mixed the Titanium White paint with the GAC according to directions. Then I put a generous amount of the paint mixture onto my stamp buddy. 
Step 4:
I stamped the images on my jacket using the stamp buddy and paint mixture.
Step 5:
I let the paint dry thoroughly, and then heat set it with my iron.
Step 6:
I started to paint in the colors, deciding along the way which colors I wanted where. 
Step 7:
Once all the paint on the jacket was completely dry, I again heat set with my iron, and my jacket was complete!
💜🎕Thank you so much for following along !🎕💜
Love and Laughter,

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