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Welcome Home ArtFoamies by Barbara Vaccari

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Welcome Home ArtFoamies by Barbara Vaccari

HI! I am Barbara Vaccari from Italy. I am a mixed media artist and I am very honored to be a guest designer for ArtFoamies brand.

I am really excited today to present my project to you. The idea came to me as I was approaching my Artfoamies and having lots of fun. I have to tell you that these play tools are addictive. The more you play the more you want to explore them. So let me guide you through my simple practice and all together we’ll discover their infinitive possibilities.

I am a fan of the “make it easy” theory but at the same time, I love to end with something to keep in my hand for daily use specially when it comes to a journal. I never have enough.

This is a very easy project to make and you’ll enjoy your finished mini booklet to customize, journal on, doodle or even as happy mail to send to a special friend.

I hope you’ll love this project as much as I enjoyed creating it and had fun with it. Feel free to send me a message or comment if you have questions or doubt into the making.

Below my supply list, I use a A3 piece of paper to work with but you can use whatever size of paper you have handy.

You’re going to need few supplies to start:
It might seem difficult but it is easier if you try directly on paper. Follow along on my step by step video to help you during this process.

1. You'll need an A3 size sheet of paper, folded in half lengthwise (horizontally). Make sure all corners meet up. Fold in half again and then fold once more.
2. Unfold the paper. Fold the entire page in half horizontally.
3. Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut in the middle of the paper until you reach the center.

4. Slit the end and pull the sections out.

5. Fold sections down flat.
6. Trim uneven edges being careful not to trim the folded ones.

I worked as wet on wet technique to enhance the watercolor effect. I continued spritzing with water on foam stamps on each step, taking advantage on all residual color with no waste at all.
1. Rub ink pad on palette paper and then dilute the color by spritzng with water and on ArtFoamies before loading foam stamp with ink.
2. I stamped on my page randomly and alternating foam stamps and different colors.
3. I couldn't stop as you can see so I finished with having lots of sheets of paper. That's when I decided to make some small books.

4. I ended with three signatures (three large sets of paper folded in booklet are called so).
I opened each signature flat and overlapped one to the other. Then I sewed them all together in the center to have a unique journal with yummy pages.
Now I need a cover for my new journal . Trim a thick sheet of paper to signatures size 8,5” x 6” , fold in half ; drawn a circle in the center of front cover page , using a cap or whatever you have handy with circle shape ( no more than 1,5” wide) , then cut out a circle window.

I patterned the whole cover with my ArtFoamies , I used Gelly plate just to try new ways of stamping . If you don’t have gel plate, you can base your cover surface with acrylics then enjoy your favorite ArtFoamies to customize it.

I embellished my empty circle on the cover, adding patterned paper on the inside of the front page glued on the reverse so to have a floral design that shows up on the cover. Glued a round wooden hipboard previously painted with Turquoise acrylic. Added free hand doodles and lettering with a black fine tip marker. Voila!
Thanks a lot for stopping by and follow me on this Artfoamies adventure. I really appreciate your comments. Please feel free to add suggestions if you had new one discovered while using Artfoamies.

Last from me: I keep a Marsiglia bar of soap to wash and clean my foam stamps. They remain soft and sweetly scented 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy my project and can’t wait to see your results. You can reach me at: 

I’ll be very happy to meet you there!!!

Happy creating!


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