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Introducing the 100 Moons Creative Team!!

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Introducing The 100 Moons Creative Team


That's the word I want to focus on for this first 100 Moons Creative Team blog post.

In fact, that's the word that brought me & Sara Vukson of 100 Proof Press together.

Let me tell you what I mean...

It was about 8 years ago, after I'd bought RubberMoon from the original owner. I was in the midst of trying to make it my own, and part of that was getting a Creative Team going. 

Little did I know that around this same time, Sara Vukson had just bought 100 Proof Press from its original owner, and she was also getting her team going.

I received a call from her one day -- I can't remember the exact details of that call, but the reason for the call was to find out if she could ask if I minded if one of the designers on my team coul be on her design team as well. She explained that she didn't want to step on my toes by asking her before talking to me, since she knew she had already agreed to be on RubberMoon's team.

I remember I said something like, "Of course not! I love collaboration!"

We stayed in touch after that call, and Sara and her family even came to visit RubberMoon headquarters soon after. I love being friends with another woman who owns a rubber stamp company (it's not like there are many of us out there!) and I'm still so delighted to call Sara a friend and colleague.

So here we are, 8 years later. Collaborating once again!

Isn't it amazing when women get together and share ideas, help one other, lift each other up? There's nothing better. Well, actually, when you add stamps, art, paint, and creativity into the mix, it does get even better.

I know I speak for all of us here at RubberMoon, ArtFoamies, and for Sara at 100 Proof Press when I say that you are going to love what we have in store. We have found some truly incredible artists and makers to showcase our stamps and supplies, and if you follow along for the ride, you are guaranteed to get inspired.

Thank you ALL for being here.
Join us in welcoming the 100 MOONS CREATIVE COLLAB TEAM!

Love and Moonbeams,
Kae Pea

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