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Missouri Driftwood Walking Sticks

Hi there, Sandee, Creative Team Coordinator 
for the one and only fabulous 100 Moons Collaborative team. 
This isn't your usual tutorial post today, just a trip down memory lane about my recent road trip to visit the wonderfully talented artist and owner of Rubbermoon and ArtFoamies and my friend Kristen Powers. I had a lovely room right off the Mississippi River and truly immersed myself in the life among the river....like every morning around 4am when the train rolled through and you can see it far off in the distance here. ..if you look closely. 
Foggy morning with the train running over the trestle in the back.
Kae Pea is the hardest working artist I know, truly dedicated to both her companies and to all the people she comes into contact with on a daily basis. She cares deeply and it shows in her dedication.
Kae Pea in her studio 
On this trip... 
I ventured out along the Mississippi River each morning on a wilderness trek, greeting the rather fragrant shoreline with bright eyed enthusiasm as that is what this nature girl loves. There were treasures to be gathered and hoarded, and one of them was my drift wood walking stick.
I couldn't wait to get back to Kae Pea's studio and begin painting. I wish I could have said I thought about taking pictures to show the step out procedure but alas I did not. But I can tell you I was a woman on a mission to get it fully completed before I left Missouri. 
Here's a picture of Kae Pea putting some of her creative genius to work designing the art for her stick with some Art Foamies, which were terrific for stamping onto the round uneven surfaces.
As I left Missouri for my 11 hour trek back across home to North Carolina I was grateful for the time that I got to spend with her and her wonderful family, Mr. Moon and Maxi and I will cherish my memories and look forward to making new ones again soon! I will think of my time spent here walking the Mississippi River front collecting driftwood and the laughter spent with with KP in her studio while we painted and played for hourts.l

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Till our next adventure...

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