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Gnome Garden Party Picks & Wands by Jenn White

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Gnome Garden Party Picks & Wands - Jenn White

HI EVERYONE! I am back with more fun for you! YAY! I LOVE Garden Parties! How about you? I invite you all to join me in creating party favors & decorations for a fun Gnome Garden Party. Let's get busy inking, stamping, working our scissors & hot glue guns again! Shall we?

Designing & creating party decorations & crafting kits is one of my favorite things to do! Such a happy activity! I am a PARTY MOM for all of my daughters & I am a PARTY MIMI for all of my grandchildren now too! So many fun memories are made creating & crafting together with all of the pieces & bits of business I make with ArtFoamies products.

I love watching everyone's results when they put my created pieces together with their own imaginations. Two of the results recently born from my own imagination are custom decorative cupcake picks & magic wands.  Such fun party favors that spark feel good memories & bring smiles for years to come.

Feel free to be inspired to re-create these with your beautiful imagination & your own ArtFoamies products too.

They are so fun & easy to make by yourself & with your loved ones.
The supplies you will need to get together to recreate these are:
  • Tooth picks or food picks
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Sturdy White smooth stampable paper that can be easily cut with scissors. I used the smooth side of 140lb hot press watercolor paper, heavy weight cardstock & specialty stamping paper.
  • Embellishments such as glitter glues, gems, ribbons & trims are optional.
Here are the ArtFoamies products I used & your shopping list for artfoamies.com :
I began this project by creating custom inked StampBuddy pads to stamp the ArtFoamies into. These are how I create the colorful ombre & rainbow stamping effects. Choose your favorite colors from The Moonlight Duo re-inkers & MoonGlo re-inkers to do this. The ones I chose are listed in the ArtFoamies product shopping list above. 

I wanted the Gnomes to have fairy wings so they could fly & a variety of mushrooms to play on.
  • I inked & stamped a sheet of Kae Pea's smaller GNOMELY gnomes. 
  • I inked & stamped a sheet of Kae Pea's WHIMSY WINGS on the "B" side. YES! YOU CAN USE BOTH SIDES OF YOUR ARTFOAMIES! BONUS!
  • I inked & stamped a few sheets of Kae Peas SHROOMS TO GROW on the "B" side onto some 12" x 12" sheets of specialty stamping cardstock paper.
I love the variety of colors I can get with my custom inked StampBuddy pads don't you? So pretty!
I cut all of the stamped images out by hand which only took about an hour or so.

Next I used my hot glue gun & glue sticks to attach the wings to the Gnome's bodies. I then hot glued a wooden tooth pick to the back of the flying Gnome.

  • Be sure to hot glue another flying Gnome on the back to so both sides are pretty. I did this with the mushrooms too!
  • Make sure to glue the toothpick low enough on the bottom backs of the Gnomes & mushrooms so your toothpick stem will be extending out enough to insert into the cupcakes.
You could also add these to your INDOOR plants & INDOOR fairy gardens too! They definitely can be used for more things than just cupcakes & garden party foods!
I also used some of the small winged gnomes I created on the wands! THESE ARE SO FUN FOR IMAGINARY PLAY! YAY! I love layering, dimension & embellishment. How about you?

These wands were made by layering fussy cut pieces of stamped ArtFoamies! ARE YOU READY? LET'S MAKE ONE TOGETHER!

First I inked up a bamboo kabob skewer by rolling it over one of my custom rainbow inked StampBuddy pads & set it aside to dry. I then inked up Cat Kerr's STAR Artfoamie & Sandra Evertson's SOLAR FLARE Artfoamie with the Galactic Green Moon & The Maker Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue ink pad.
To make both of the layered sides of one wand you will need to ink & stamp two of each the "A" side & the "B" side of Cat Kerr's STAR for a total of 4 pieces. You will need one of each of the "A" side & the "B" side of Sandra Evertson's SOLAR FLARE ArtFoamie. For a total of 2 pieces. I stamped them on the smooth side of 140lb watercolor paper.

I then used my scissors to cut them out.
I stacked the cut out, stamped images & looked at how I wanted to layer them before I hot glued the layers together. I wanted them to look like a layered glowing, sparkling star & forest greenery all at the same time.

I hot glued all of the layers together & one by one.I then hot glued the bamboo kabob skewer, SHARP POINTED SIDE UP in between the 2 layered stacks. One on each side makes the wand pretty on both sides!
I hot glued two of the winged Gnomes I created earlier in the center of each side of the wand.

I finished it off by adding some sparkling iridescent glitter glue to all of the points for a magical effect!
Here's a finished wand awaiting some shimmer and shine!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorials & have lots of fun with them! Please feel free to put your own spin on these ideas. I would love to see the creations I inspired! Be sure to share photos of them with me.
It makes me so happy when you play & create along with me. 

Don't forget to leave me a comment in the comments section below so I know you stopped by.
Thank you for your time, your kindness & your love.

Jenn White

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